Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hi all. I know I wrote that my next blog will be Part II of "Taking Inspiration From Hosea," and I am working on it, but I feel pressed in my spirit to speak out about the major demonic activities that are occurring today, and indeed have been ramping up over the course of the last few days until this day known as "Halloween."

This "holiday" (or "helliday" as I like to think of it) is a time of great evil as witches, warlocks, occultists, and covens around the world see it as a great and notable day of celebration and the indoctrination of many unwitting victims into their occultic/Satanic activities.

On this day, people around the world, and indeed many Christians, some out of ignorance and others out of a stubborn holding on to worldly frivolity, fully embrace the occult, witchcraft and Satanism as they "trick or treat," carve out pumpkins, wear costumes that glorify sin and death, and use the day in general to glorify fear, death, blood drinking, murder, demonism, witchcraft, the paranormal, sexual sin, and the list goes on and on.

If you're a praying Christian who reads your Bible then you know what I'm talking about because you must be experiencing and/or discerning the spiritual trouble in the "atmosphere" throughout the last few days as well as and especially today.

Many of you are probably under attack as the demonic hordes are out in full force taking advantage of the open doors given to them by people participating in Halloween as well as trying to fulfill the curses that many witches and warlocks place on people, including and especially on Christians.

While the “curse causeless” cannot come upon you (Proverbs 26:2), God is allowing you to discern the darkness in order that you might fight back through spiritual warfare.

I hope you're doing so as we all need to be, including myself. It's easy to get lazy, but let's commit ourselves to battle during the time that God is giving us this discernment and the experiencing of Halloween's spiritual darkness.

All we have to do is open our mouths in prayer and spiritual warfare as we let God’s Word speak through us. God may not require you to fight very long, just start out in battle and you will know by His Spirit when He has released you. God knows what you can handle and He's not going to put a burden on you that you can't bear. Just relish the privilege that He is making you aware of what is going on and is using you as His battle-axe against evil.

But back to the topic of Halloween, many people who think they are harmlessly participating in this “holiday” by decorating their homes, dressing up, etc., have no idea that they are unwittingly inviting demons to further entrench themselves into their lives. It is a terribly sick and repulsive day for anyone who loves God and recognizes that demons are being allowed so much access to so many people.

I want to caution any and all readers against participating in Halloween on any level.

When I say "any level" I also include the parties and activities held by Christian Churches that are supposed to pull people away from honoring the Satanic aspects of Halloween to some more harmless fun.

This seems like a good motive, but how is it a proper response for us to hold festivals/parties when the only thing we should be focused on when we gather on the day the world calls Halloween is prayer and spiritual warfare against the demon spirits who are so active? How is it that we would allow ourselves to be distracted from the battle at hand by a celebration, even one that is supposed to be an "anti-Halloween" party? (Church, we are indeed asleep at the wheel. Is it any wonder we are in so much trouble?)

There are many issues on such a day that require prayer and spiritual warfare: we need to be holding up our brothers and sisters in Christ who think it is o.k. to celebrate such a demonic day, and we also need to fight against the plans, strategies, and tactics of the enemy who is using Halloween as a major offensive in their attempts to rob, kill and destroy us and everything for which we stand.

For us, this is a day of battle, not of frivolity, even if that frivolity is in the Church under a different auspice than that of Halloween. This is especially true since that frivolity takes our eyes off of the very pressing need for us to put our spiritual armor on and go into battle.

Will you take up the fight tonight, or will you go to Church and drink punch out of a plastic party cup? Will you mourn the sin that is going on in the world and in the Church, sin which pains our Lord to watch, or will you lift that plastic cup of punch in cheers with your friends?

It’s time we realized that this day is not a day of celebration for any Christian, but one of mourning of the sins of the world as well as the Church, and also a day of battle.

I hope you’ll join in by spending at least some time in prayer and spiritual warfare this afternoon or tonight. May God’s blessing be upon you as you do so, in Jesus’ mighty name. A-men.

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