Saturday, September 26, 2015

Going Broke? The Great Economic Change

How many among us are feeling a serious change coming upon their lives? How many us know that the things we've been doing, the occupations, the extracurriculars, everything, is about to be turned on its head?

How many of us see this change as disruptive and perhaps as not even from God? How many of us are bucking against the changes God is bringing into our lives?

Some of us may see the changes as calamitous. Some of us may be losing all we've had from the material world, or in a time of gaining much wealth (to the end that we may serve others). Many still cannot begin to understand the length and breadth of change that God is bringing into their lives, not recognizing change is ordained of God, often as a means of drawing us closer to Him, to make us dependent upon Him, fully reliant and trusting on His goodness.

Some of us are enduring great economic loss during this season. As we do, we begin to realize just how much of a god we had made our material blessings into. I mean, prolonged grief and depression over the loss of wealth can only indicate that the having of wealth was given way too much importance. The only thing we should hold onto that tightly is God Himself. The material things of this world are but stubble for the fire.

One thing to note about economic wealth is NOT an indicator of FAVOR WITH GOD as the prosperity gospel would have you believe. Your losing your wealth may actually be an indicator of God's favor for you in the sense that He "chastens those He loves". You may be losing your wealth because you have made it into a god and God cannot have any false gods between Him and you. He's trying to save you from idolatry so that you won't suffer hell-fire in eternity.

So, if you're thinking the economic calamity that may be coming upon you now isn't from God, you may try praying with sincerity about it.  It may be the very thing that's going to save your life.  Trust God to continue to provide for you, even though things may seem lean.  Consider Israel when they left Egypt for the desert that they were given enough manna for each day, not any more than they needed for that day.  Consider how in the Lord's prayer, Jesus says, "Give us this day our daily bread." Having enough for the day is all you need.  Trust God as a little child would that He will continue to provide for you during the leanest of times.

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