Monday, September 28, 2015

Women Are Subordinate To Men

Here's another blog that's fighting against the spirit of our day, the one that's trying to turn everything on its head with regard to gender roles, sexuality and a person's basic place in the world. 

In this case, I'm seriously trying to get Christian men and women to think about their God assigned roles and how they are supposed to behave with one another according to His, not Satan's, order of things.  

For the most part today we see men acting as women and women acting as men in marriages.  This is a perversion of God's intent. And you know what else? It's a sin.

Just as it is a sin for men to lie with men, and women with women, just as it's a sin for men to wear women's clothing and for women to wear men's, it is a sin and a perversion of God's intent when we take on each other's roles.

To be clear, in the house, the man (through God's leading) is supposed to provide the family's vision and direction.  The women's job, as help mate, is to aid with the fulfillment of that vision, as long as it is not asking her to sin.

But before I further elaborate on this order of things (as I also addressed it in the blog, I want to first address that women being completely subordinate to men was not always the case.  Yes, the woman was the man's help mate, and came from his rib, but before sin entered in the definition of roles was not assigned in such a way that the woman would even feel that subordination.  They just lived.  

It was after the sin event that women began to take this place of being ruled by the mane.  As part of her curse for eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God said, 

"I will greatly multiply thy sorrow in thy conception; in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee" (Genesis 3:16).

So we see here with that very first sin, which Eve did before the man, she lost her former position of near equality with the man.  But, as alluded to above, even before this curse she wasn't exactly equal because the man was first created by God in His own image, and then the woman was created by the taking of one of Adam's ribs.   Wo-man, literally means, of the man.  Biblically speaking, there's no "chicken or the egg" thing going on here.  God created man, and when Adam could not find a help mate for himself among the animals, God then created the women.

And using this word "help mate" also further communicates woman's subordinate role to the man in the family unit.  It is her responsibility and indeed her duty to help and support her man in the vision in which God gave him.

As it says in Ephesians, Christ is the head of the man, and as the head of the man, He gives the man His direction.  The man is the head of the woman, and as such he provides her with direction as things flow down through him from Christ above.  

And as the woman's curse alluded to above, part of the curse is that she would be ruled by her husband.  

But in a godly home, there is a type of deliverance for the woman in that, if the man is walking right with Christ, and she is as well, there can be a type of freedom for both.  The man's rulership is not oppressive (at least not to a non-rebellious, non-cantankerous, non-Jezebel-type woman), and the woman has great freedom and indeed a great opportunity to have a huge impact for good on the family unit.  But STILL, she it not to usurp the man's authority, or try to constantly override his God given will.

Satan's job, as he sees it, and one of his primary last day's focuses, is to try to turn God's order of things completely on its head.  Whether it's through homosexuality, lesbianism, transsexualism, adultery, or women leading men, he, in his hatred for God is trying to get all of God's creation to completely defy God's ways.  And women controlling, manipulating, and driving men is just one of those ways he accomplishes this.

The book of Isaiah actually speaks of women ruling men in a completely negative fashion:

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them" (Isaiah 3:12).

Not to mention how even children are mentioned as oppressors of men, and so it is today in the home, with children showing absolutely no respect and emasculated men unable and unwilling to discipline.  And of course, who's ruling over all this?  Per this scripture, the woman of the house. 

There's nothing more out of order looking than a woman telling a man what to do, bossing him around. The man looks like a giant wimp and the woman looks too stern, too evil, and not in her proper place.  It's just wrong.  How can the stronger person physically be so tooled about by the weaker?  It makes no sense, but it happens day in and day out in today's society.  Men have lost all their God given power because woman want and covet a position of power that is not theirs and men have given it over to women pretty much at the asking. 

So men are just as at fault for this, because they have fallen right in line with women ruling them.

And guess where this all started?  The Garden of Eden.  When Eve handed Adam that fruit and he took and ate of it, he turned over his man-card right then and there.  He didn't make a stand for what was right and he let his woman lead him right into sin.  And men have been doing this ever since. It's the forbidden fruit, or the promise of sex, or just to get their wives to stop nagging and hen-pecking, and all of a sudden men give in and let their wives rule the roost.

The funny thing is, women think this power and position is what they want but the fact is once they have it THEY CAN NEVER BE SATISFIED.  Why? Because it's not their position to begin with and it's wrong for them to assume it.  

Deep down they want their men to be men, and for their men to rule them, but the devilish, Jezebel side of women can't take that.  They have to rule the roost.  No man is going to control them.  And then they end up with the philandering, using, not caring for them, violent man who beats them.  And then it's all good for them.  They'll honor THAT GUY, and not the nice one, because this type of man doesn't take her crap and doesn't care about her opinion.  He does what he wants and she has no impact on him in the leadership sense.

What I hope my male readers will get out of this particular message, is not to be an abusive, adultery-committing jerk, but, simply put, don't let your woman rule your house.  You can't even care what she thinks when she is wrong.  You have to push the family forward in the direction God leads you. 

Let me forewarn you, if she and her demons (if she's harboring them) can't take that, she will buck and fight to try to take your man card back, and there may come a time that if you don't acquiesce and her demons are strong enough in convincing her how supposedly wrong you are, that she will leave.  It's that simple.  She won't be able to take being under your authority.  The only way she will ever be able to do so is if she gets delivered by God of all the feminist, narcissitic, Jezebel lies she's been fed since birth, and gets right with God, His Word and His order of things.  Clearly, this would take a miracle, but remember, nothing is impossible with God.

You can't care, though, if she can't find her proper role in the family.  If she leaves, she leaves, you are responsible for you and you have to get the order of things right again.  You have to find your manhood.  You are not to be led about by your wife.  The Biblical order is that you are to be led by Christ, and then you are to lead your wife.  Just know if she does leave you that you need to pray and intercede for her and NOT SEEK ANOTHER WOMAN.  The only biblical way for you to marry someone else is if she cheats.  But you need to praying that she won't and that she'll get delivered.

Know this, too, YOUR WIFE IS NOT JESUS CHRIST.  She does not, no matter how religious, have special dispensation from God to lead you.  That would be against His order, His word, His way of doing things.  Even those of you with wives who are in the Bible every day, have a "SPECIAL ANOINTING," work in some capacity in and for the Church, they are not supposed to run your house, you are.  If they know the Bible at all, they should know this, too.  A godly women is supposed to defer to her husband at home.  It's that simple.

So may I encourage my readers to get right with God's word in this sense and to go on strike against Satan's way of turning everything upside down.  If you want your family to run right and have God's blessing, I suggest you get on it. 

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