Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Music Site for Without Spot or Blemish Ministry

With all the talk on this blog and its youtube channel about the perils of satanic music in both the secular and so-called "Christian" music worlds, I wanted to make available the music that I've felt led to make that, for me, has been a means of not being subjected to harmful music.

My music is not perfect, but it's what I could do for God and at the very least I can know that it wasn't influenced by anyone/anything else but what was in my heart.

I've tried to encourage all who read my blogs and watch the youtube podcasts to make your own music to the Lord, as surely that would please Him greatly.  I'm hoping my posting my own imperfect songs would do just that, get you to make up your own songs for the Lord, and even record and share them.  Today's technology makes it pretty easy.

If you've ever had someone write you a song, you know what a compliment it is.  So, why not compliment and praise the Lord from your own heart? You can be assured He will greatly appreciate it and it will be your own unadulterated expression of love.

At any rate, here's a link to some of my songs:

Go take a listen and if you like any of the songs, they are FREE DOWNLOADS.

You may also listen to them on the widget to the top right of this blog.

I hope you enjoy them, and if you don't, go make some of your own.   God will be so blessed!

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