Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Breaking Soul Ties w/ Narcissist/Jezebels - A MUST DO

Are you having trouble breaking free spiritually and emotionally from a now defunct relationship with a Narcissist/Jezebel? Are you experiencing a continuous flow of emotions, behaviors, and spirits from your former relationship that you can't seem to make stop? Or are you still in a relationship where demons seem to travel back and forth from your Narc/Jez to torment you at will? Time to break the soul tie. Pull up a chair and come on in. For many of us, additional or new freedom is just a click and a little over thirty minutes away.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From Jezebel/Narcissism to Jesus, An Interview

This is a podcast on Narcissism/Jezebel you won't want to miss. In this episode we conduct an interview with a born again Believer who was raised in the house of a Jezebel and went down that road a spell for herself, but that all ended when she found Jesus Christ and became born again, washed clean of her past and walking in new life. And, toward the end of the podcast she shares the prayer God led her in that led her to freedom. You won't want to miss it. So come on in, grab a nice cool drink as summer draws near, and take in all the wisdom God can bless you with through this interview!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Narcissist/Jezebels & Abortion

In today's podcast, we hit on this touchiest of subjects, hard. Come on in, take a seat, and let's seek God together on whether or not abortion is right (or murder), how to seek and receive forgiveness from God for being involved in one (or many), and how we need to clean up as a people from this and all abhorrent and abominable practices.