Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Messianic/Hebrew Roots: Why I Can't Be A Part

In this podcast you'll be taken on a journey into the Messianic Judaism/Hebrew Roots Movements where I will uncover why I could not remain a part. Hold onto your hats, or kippahs, and take another ride on the WSBM podcast express.

Narcissism/Jezebelism Rising: Sign of End Times

Are you noticing the increase of Narcissists/Jezebels in your life? Do they seem more evil, more diabolical, more selfish, more callous, more lacking in empathy than ever before? Hold onto your seat because it's only going to get worse, much worse. But God be praised the Bible has warned us in advance that this would happen in the end times and God has equipped us with a defense against these demonic attacks. Hop on this podcast express to go on a Biblical discovery of why narcissists/Jezebels are becoming more evident and prevalent.