Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Abortion Murder?

Before I begin this blog, and without prematurely giving away my view as to the answer to the title's question, I want to first state that throughout the Bible God forgives, redeems and restores all who seek Him through Jesus Christ with repentant hearts.  If at any point you feel you've come down on the wrong side of this issue, God is only a prayer away.  He is waiting to forgive you and bring you into His freedom and new life.  You'll find at the bottom of this blog a prayer of repentance you may use that can serve to help you in that direction.  Now on to the blog.

Is Abortion Murder?

In my view the answer to this question lies in the following idea: if an outside influence causes an organism to die at any point in its life cycle when it would otherwise, without that terminative action, continue to further grow and develop, there has been a "killing." 

In the case of a human abortion where the life of the embryo (a successfully fertilized egg which has begun its embryonic development) is terminated, a murder has indeed been committed, because without that terminative action, the baby's unmolested development would continue until birth and beyond.

I've heard an argument that based on this reasoning, using contraceptives or "pulling out" would be murder as well, the point being that since sperm are alive, allowing their death must be murder, too.  This argument is specious because the trillions of sperm produced by a single adult male in his lifetime have very short life spans and die of their own volition within a few months of their inception, regardless of whether they are used in the effort to fertilize an egg or not.  Also, only one sperm per pregnancy (out of millions of sperm) actually causes fertilization, what of the rest?  Without the fertilization process in which a sperm and egg come together to cause a completely new developmental stage, the sperm die and serve no further purpose.  

The same is true of the female egg.  Each month, under normal conditions and without fertilization, two eggs develop and see their end through menstruation.  

However, a fertilized egg, that is, the burgeoning infant, continues on in its development and a healthy fetus only dies or discontinues its development WHEN TERMINATED by outside intervention.  The point is, that without the abortion, the life of the fetus would go on.  And thus, abortion merits the term murder, regardless of the developing baby's age or location, be it in or outside the womb.

When a human life is purposely stopped at any point in its development a murder is committed.

Most of this is common sense, but the mindset that allows for the murder of an unborn infant does not occupy the realm of common sense because it lacks reason and morality.  Therefore, arguments for abortion are a convoluted mess of justifications for what is wholly unjustifiable.

And truly, God has had it with these justifications, and with the murder of millions of blameless, unborn children.

Some might argue that since abortion is legal (as far as the law goes), the act of abortion is therefore morally justifiable.  But just because the rule of law allows for abortions - lots of laws have been on the wrong side of history, see Hitler's Nazi Germany - this does not make abortion legal in God's eyes.  God's makes it clear in His law, the Ten Commandments, that murder is wrong when He commands, "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20).

It is ironic, too, that many of the people who seek for abortion rights also find it quite abominable that society imposes death sentences on certain convicted felons (generally murderers).  It seems that they condone and support the murder of blameless and completely innocent unborn children in the name of a woman's right to choose what to do with HER body (while ironically completely discounting the infant's own right to the preservation of life), while they still fight against the death sentence judgments imposed upon the guilty. Granted, some fight the death penalty due to the executions of the falsely convicted, but others still don't believe in the death penalty even for the guilty, while on the other hand supporting the right to abort innocent fetuses.  This is so backward, upside down, and unfathomably wrong.  How did we ever get to this state of confusion?  (See the father of lies, Satan, for the answer.)

I guess in the minds of abortion supporting anti-death penalty advocates a human must first cross through the matrix into the world before being worthy of the basic human right to just plain live.  In their eyes, once a child is born, only then does he become worthy of a no death sentence judgment, even for those who have committed the most heinous of crimes.

Our society's complete turning of true justice on its head is the real abomination, and God cannot sit back and allow this to go on without passing His own judgment.  Indeed, judgment has been passed and will continue to be brought upon this ghastly sin of abortion and the people and nations who carry it out.

Furthermore, for a woman to cry, "My body, my choice!" is the height of selfishness and hypocrisy.  How can one say, "I am uncomfortable with how this pregnancy can or is changing MY life, so I have decided to terminate that life in me," and expect such an idea to be anything less than the worship of oneself at the expense of all else, including God, His law, and the new life that has been animated in her?  It is unfathomable the lengths and depths of this selfishness, of the lack of care for others, especially for that of the mother's very own child, her own blood.  Not only is it murder, it is the murder of ones own offspring!  In the case of a woman choosing abortion as a form of birth control, rather than nurture, feed and grow her baby, a process that should be a chief joy in her and her mate's lives, she (often in agreement with or at the behest of her mate) instead chooses to end its life.  To kill one's offspring through abortion is an act of abominable hate and is no different than a mother killing her ten-year-old child.  And the agreeing mate is just as guilty.

Societal authorities and the rule of law may not put the abortive parents and their doctors in prison for this murder - though a proper law would - but without God's redemption, the abortive mother (and all involved, but especially the mother) will enter the prison of her own existence.  And, without seeking and receiving the forgiveness of God, she will never get over it.  She will do as so many others and suffer depression, grief, guilt, growing more conscienceless, ever hardening, ever becoming fiercer in the wake of the murder she has committed.  The same goes for the mate if he had a hand in encouraging and supporting the abortion, as well as for the healthcare workers who saw it through.

I know this is anecdotal evidence, but I have never known a person who has undergone an abortion who wasn't on psychotropic drugs to deal with abortion's aftermath of guilt and depression (which lasts a lifetime without the redemption of Jesus Christ.)  I've asked others about those in their lives who have had abortions and they, too, had observed these women were also on anti-depressants.  In that light I ask, if abortion were so right, why would abortive mothers need drugs to deal with it?  Just a quick search of the internet and you can find all sorts of statistics (such as here: on post abortive mothers who go off into life long bouts of depression, who get hooked on over the counter as well as street drugs, who consider or commit suicide, etc.  Is it any wonder?  A person can't kill a human being and remain psychologically healthy or feel peace and joy in her life.  A consequence of murder and hate is the loss of peace and joy.  God has made us this way so that we can find a place of repentance when we do wrong, so that we may see the error of our ways.  It is this sorrow that leads us to repentance and, hopefully, to the seeking of forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ.  This is the only way we can find the freedom, peace and joy that has been lost through abortion, by reaching to God for redemption through His Son Jesus Christ.

One final observation with regard to those who defend abortion is the argument that abortion is a must for women who have been raped or experienced incest.  A survey called "Reasons U.S. Women Have Abortions: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives," showed that around 1% of respondents who had abortions had been raped and even smaller number, about a 1/2 %, of the aborted pregnancies had been the result of incest.  This illustrates just what a small number of abortions are actually derived from rape/incest victims.  But even so, the wrong of rape or incest does not justify the killing of the innocent baby that results.  Some may say that this contention is heartless because the baby growing in the rape victim's womb serves as too much a reminder of the trauma she endured and thus justifies the abortion.  But I am saying, and rather vehemently, that the incredible wrong of rape can in no way justify the second greater wrong of murdering the baby growing in her womb.  It is still an act of selfishness to kill this baby, even though you've been traumatized by something as severe as rape. As a man I know that I can't completely fathom what it would be like to go through this experience, but I do know that killing the baby will only cause you to become a murderer and in the end will only hurt you even more.

There is no black and white with abortion.  It is wrong on every level. A baby that is the result of rape could be seen through to birth and put up for adoption.  Yes, the pregnancy could be difficult, but a person in this situation can seek God for the strength to see it through, and see to it that a new life is brought forth.  What courage it would take, but in the end the reward would be great and the mother would prevent even further scarring of her life through killing the baby.

I hope that those who have read this blog understand the seriousness of abortion and will seek the Lord on this matter.  This topic gets addressed a lot by the Church, but it can never hurt to hear an additional perspective, especially for those who are yet to become future members of the Body of Christ who want to come to the Lord but the issue of abortion stands between them and the Lord.  The hope of this blog is that an understanding of the truth about abortion will be imparted so all who have participated may come to a place of repentance and forgiveness in Christ and be drawn into His kingdom.  If only one person does so, that’s more than enough.

If you are person who has been involved in an abortion, or multiple abortions, you can say a prayer like this (try to use your own words if you can, but this is a good start):

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, sorry for all my sins, but in particular for the sin of abortion.  I have had an abortion(s) (or encouraged or helped someone else to have an abortion(s)) and I understand that in so doing I committed a murder of my own flesh and blood.  I repent, Lord, for that murder and I will never do such an act again, nor will I encourage any one else to do so.  I will stand up for life from now on, and encourage every one to see through their pregnancies through because that's what You want.  I believe that Jesus Christ is Your Son and that He died on the cross for my sins.  I plead the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the mercy of His sacrifice over myself, and ask your forgiveness through Him.  I thank you for forgiving me through Jesus Christ and granting me your peace, love and joy in that forgiveness.  I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me against sin, darkness, and against Satan and his demons.  I renounce the devil and his works of selfishness, murder and lies, and I renounce all the justifications I agreed with to justify what I did.  In Jesus' mighty name I bind up and command all demons associated with the deception I believed regarding abortion to leave me.  I also bind up and command all demons of abortion and murder to leave me, in Jesus' mighty name.  In Jesus' mighty name I bind up and command all spirits of depression, sadness, overwhelming grief, bipolar, schizophrenia, insanity, etc. to leave me right now.  In Jesus' mighty name, I loose over me the peace, love and joy of the Holy Spirit and complete deliverance from every demonic spirit the abortion allowed into my life.  Thanks you Father God for the forgiveness you've given me through Christ Jesus and His sacrifice.  I am forever grateful! A-men.

If you said that prayer, praise God, you are forgiven and set free from the sins relating to abortion in your life.  Praise the Lord.  Time for you to celebrate!  As the Bible says there's a celebration in heaven when just one sinner repents.  Go tell someone and have a party of happiness.  I know there were Christians in your life along the way who tried to help you that you may have denied.  Tell them of this freedom you've found so they can celebrate, too.  Believe me, God's had people praying for you all along.  It will really bless them if you contact them to let them know.  If they're real Christians they will jump through the ceiling in excitement to hear of your repentance and that you've found eternal life.   God be with you and all of us as we seek to clean up our lives in preparation for the Lord's return and to get clear of any participation in the act of abortion. A-men!