Saturday, July 2, 2016

How Narcissists/Jezebels ISOLATE You & How to Break Free

Have you been in relationships that have left you stranded "out to sea" as it were, feeling like you're in nothing more than a tiny yellow raft being buffeted every which way? You may be dealing with a Jezebel/Narcissistic spirit that has purposely made sure to get you in the position you find yourself. Walk on into this podcast and discover how this may have happened to you and how God can break you free and get you back to shore.


  1. I have been searching for true believers for a very long time. Hearing you I know that the Holy spirit speaks through you. You are an Israel in the meaning not a location on a map. I'm not good with texting. Is it possible that we meet? Steven ICF is my YouTube channel. Please reply

    1. I would enjoy talking with you. Shoot me an email at and we'll figure out how to get a phone call going..

  2. From child molestation murder suicide incest betrayal losing careers jail all documented but no one understands. I'm not Ahab but my children are all I have, I know that you understand...

  3. Thanks so much for this teaching!God bless, no one has ever been able to articulate what this is like

  4. Hi there , i realized I am a narcissist , I have hurt my wife many times and I say that I am born again , she is so hurt that she doesnt believe my faith is genuine , she called me a narcissist the other day , and my mom was married to one and he ruined her life , man I am in deep trouble and studying this online but the worlds view on this is very scary and when I bumped into your biblical teachings I find nowhere is there hope for the abuser , is there healing , why hasnt Jesus healed me from this when I first got saved , I am at one of the lowest points of my life and my wife is now frightened that I shared my addmittance to being a narc. I want to repent , I have repented but sometimes it comes back , my earthly dad did much damage. I find it difficult to trust in HEavenly Dad cuz I feel like im being punished for a season , I am not enjoying this one bit. I have 4 children , please you get the picture , my email is . I am from Canada , 1 403 467 3267 MY name is Adeem. Awaiting a call from your ministry. Thanks

  5. My life Narc has me cornered but thank Jesus there are people like you to help with wisdom and truth! I am fighting by the word and not as the world recommends. Being humble isn't easy but God gives me strength and revenues to wisdom.