Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prosperity Gospel Proponents, Get Ready to Lose it All

Welcome to your future, Christian Materialists. Imagine a tribulation period where there's been no rapture (pre-trib is a lie), you're still here and the anti-christ and his false prophet are ushering in the mark of the beast where you won't be able to buy or sell without it and all of sudden all of the earthly treasures you held so dear are swiped out from under you. Not only that, but because you won't take the mark you are now considered a fugitive from justice. You're on the run and what you can't carry isn't going with you. You need not fear, though, God has your back and you needed this cleansing of your wealth because your materialism had formed many idols that were taking you to hell, so this time of paring down is actually a good thing.

This is where this podcast is going to take you and to help you understand that your worship of "things" is only hurting you and keeping you away from God. You should definitely hear what your future will hold so you can be ready to face any circumstance when it arrives.

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