Monday, January 12, 2015

The Jesus Culture Band is Satanic

Have you been introduced to the modern phenomena that is Jesus Culture?  Did you think they were safe for your family and children because they give the appearance that they worship Jesus?  Well, think again, because Jesus Culture is up to something completely opposite from directing your eyes toward the real Jesus of the Bible, because their music defies Him with its repetitive kundalini (Hinduism) type chants, the illuminati symbolism, as well as the way they don't even capitalize His name.  All of this is meant to subvert Jesus' position of Godhood in your life and to demonize you.  Take a listen to this portion extracted from my podcast called, "Don't Let Your Music Take You to Hell," where I identify how and why Jesus Culture serve Satan, rather than God the Father through Jesus Christ.  Get ready for the ride of your life and do whatever you can to break free from this band's grip, as well as from almost all modern contemporary Christian music promoted with big money.

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