Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some Poetry

Brainwashed Zombies in the Church

There are many brainwashed zombies in the world
Those really awake? A number so small it's absurd
The rest are hypnotized and made dull by an all seeing eye
Watching through the cameras and with tv's mystify
Snap out of it God's people, time to wake up
Your life is in Satan's hands, your death assured without God
Many Christians think they have truth, but are only along for the ride
You don't even know your Bibles, so you serve the god of lies
Trapped in your traditions and all the things of man
You think without the true Jesus you can escape Satan's plan?
You don't even know Jesus or the Truth He is
You walk in a bunch of Satanism dressed as Him
The devil has come as an angel of light
He's confused you, used you, and made you his bride
But God is giving you yet another chance
To snap out of it, to awaken from your trance
Church, you are in big trouble but you think you're not
I hear God correcting Laodicea but know that word is for now
It's a joke how you think everything is just right
as you participate in Satanic rituals morning noon and night
You are going to die in your sin if you don't repent
Better find a place for repentence and the blood of Jesus
Don't say you haven't been warned or told the truth
Every prophet God has sent you, you slapped down and harshly rebuked
But now it's you being judged because that's where it must begin
Then the whole world follows because NOW IS THE TIME of REVELATION!

Love the Lord, Hear the Lord

When you love the Lord you'll keep His commandments

You'll follow Him wherever He goes
The voice of the Shepherd you will hear
And wolves' voices you'll avoid


Two people attracted
Of the flesh they acted
Nothing in common
No appreciation, nothing
In the act it's fine
A day later it's nein
Left wondering why
They hooked up under God's sky

It's so nasty what they did
The filthy part because of the way they hid
No marriage bonds to tie them in
Hooking up like it was not forbidden
Not caring about each other or God Himself
Lowered to that of animalistic filth
It's disgusting when it's not right in God's eyes
If you don't feel that your conscience is fried

Better ask him to remind
What you knew before in time
That what you did wasn't right
Hooking up every night
Getting bonded with sin
Hating love, but loving a demon

So, You Say

So you say, my words don't matter
So you say, God doesn't gather

them into His fire, a burning incense
a sweet smelling savor, in His tent

words rising like smoke
from a flame

He takes each one and gathers them in
Executes them all, like a friend

He pulls out the stops
When we pray to Him in Jesus' name

So you say, God doesn't hear
So you say, He's been dead for years

But he heard my cry and He helped me out
Rebirthed me without a doubt
And i stand before you now, a different man

But you sit there and huff and scoff,
Ignore and deny, you blow it off
But you don't want the Truth
And so you live in a lie

So you say, this will never end
So you say, He's not coming back again

But our sins have risen up before His face
Pretty soon now He's stopping this race
Better run fast now, or you won't make it in

Time is short, sheep and goats
Separating now, it's not a joke
Better decide so you can live on

But I'm here to say that God is real
There's no joking now, the earth will soon peal
Off sinners like it's shedding it's own skin

So you say, as if what you say matters


Just look around
Christians sinning with the sound
of the mirth of Israel
when they worshipped the golden calf

Our hands filthy
With the blood of goats
Empty sacrifices made
Empty hearts still to show

Jesus is coming
To take back what is His
He created it all
But we've destroyed it

Satan holds no power
Of the mighty Word of God
All His lies and untruths
Will crumble into the sod

God is love
But His wrath is real
God is love
But His judgment is here

Time to repent
and look to him
Don't think for one second 
we'll get away with sin

Better turn to Him
As the darkness falls
If you'll listen for just a second
You'll here His call

The lying idols
Have overtaken us
Sunday Sabbaths, 
Easter and Christmas

Better untangle yourself
From Catholicisms web
Or you'll find yourself in hell
With the idolaters instead

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Jesus Culture Band is Satanic

Have you been introduced to the modern phenomena that is Jesus Culture?  Did you think they were safe for your family and children because they give the appearance that they worship Jesus?  Well, think again, because Jesus Culture is up to something completely opposite from directing your eyes toward the real Jesus of the Bible, because their music defies Him with its repetitive kundalini (Hinduism) type chants, the illuminati symbolism, as well as the way they don't even capitalize His name.  All of this is meant to subvert Jesus' position of Godhood in your life and to demonize you.  Take a listen to this portion extracted from my podcast called, "Don't Let Your Music Take You to Hell," where I identify how and why Jesus Culture serve Satan, rather than God the Father through Jesus Christ.  Get ready for the ride of your life and do whatever you can to break free from this band's grip, as well as from almost all modern contemporary Christian music promoted with big money.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prosperity Gospel Proponents, Get Ready to Lose it All

Welcome to your future, Christian Materialists. Imagine a tribulation period where there's been no rapture (pre-trib is a lie), you're still here and the anti-christ and his false prophet are ushering in the mark of the beast where you won't be able to buy or sell without it and all of sudden all of the earthly treasures you held so dear are swiped out from under you. Not only that, but because you won't take the mark you are now considered a fugitive from justice. You're on the run and what you can't carry isn't going with you. You need not fear, though, God has your back and you needed this cleansing of your wealth because your materialism had formed many idols that were taking you to hell, so this time of paring down is actually a good thing.

This is where this podcast is going to take you and to help you understand that your worship of "things" is only hurting you and keeping you away from God. You should definitely hear what your future will hold so you can be ready to face any circumstance when it arrives.