Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show: One World Antichrist Message

The outright satanic symbolism of the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show was more shrouded  again this year as compared to the year Madonna brought her satanic egyptian/witchcraft/paganism/baphomet worship, but for those of you who watched closely, Chris Martin/Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce were still at work for their master, Satan, and their antichrist illuminati handlers.

They cloaked their hatred for God as well as attempts to create more racial division in a "love" theme and the rainbow coloring seemed to me to reflective of gay pride, of which homosexuality is a clear abomination to our God (Leviticus 20:13).  

Also emblazoned on Chris Martin's shirt was "Global Citizen," a pushing of the one world government that Satan wants, while his guitarist sported a black hat with the prerequisite (and required) pyramid shape in honor of the Illuminati. The Illuminati can't have a super bowl performance without a triangular pyramid shape evident.

Then, of course, there was the absolute nasty stripper dancing Beyonce and her crew of burlesque dressed dancers exhibited with a Black Panther theme meant to stir up racial tension and hatred in the divide and conquer strategy of the enemy.  Having the super bowl attendees hold up cards that spelled out love couldn't cover the hatred that lied with in.

As for the music, see my blog on "Viva La Vida" by Cold Play to learn how the song they started with is quite possibly an anthem for Satan, which he had everyone singing, and during a break in the vocal, he said something to the effect of, "Come on everybody, let's go together on this one," as he sang the chorus which celebrated (from Satan's standpoint) our Lord's crucifixion.  

Thankfully, I suppose, I didn't know the other songs that were sung, and because the audio mixing was not good and the vocals were muffled, it was hard for me to understand what they were singing. Nevertheless, I was disgusted by Beyonce and company's vulgar strip club dancing and their smutty combination burlesque/black panther outfits, which children all over the world were exposed to whether they wanted to be or not.  What do those outfits tell little elementary school girls about themselves?  How should they dress and present themselves after watching this?  Is it any wonder our society is breaking down on every level? 

I'm sorry to say that I don't have much to say about Bruno's performance, but his group, too was dressed entirely in black leather, perhaps, too a tribute to the Black Panthers.  His crew was of course doing hip thrusting dance moves reminiscent of Michael Jackson, but other than that I'm not sure about what they did symbolically, other than a maybe a baphomet hand sign I caught him throwing, which he has been want to do in the past.  Just google Bruno Mars and hand signs and you'll see his videos and performances are replete with them, just as Beyonce's and her husband Jay Z's are as well.

When they ended with the rainbow "love" theme in the stands, a Christian has to know, they meant the so-called "love" found in the border ending, one world government, God's law hating, homosexuality promoting religion which is completely meant to exclude (and hate) you, your God and His Son Jesus Christ.

That's what the halftime show was all about, while stirring up racial hatred it was also promoting a false unity in Satan, and a hatred for God.

Christians, we need to be on alert about what these rituals (and they are Satanic rituals) are trying to program society to do.  We are indeed in the days leading up to the antichrist, and I can't say it enough, we are not going anywhere prior to the tribulation.

The first half (three and a half years) will be a time of revival for the Church, which means many of us will be cleaning up our acts and doing whatever it takes to get our hearts and souls cleaned up and prepared for the Lord's return (at the end of the seven year tribulation.)

This means at the three and a half year mark the antichrist will take power and make war on the saints, and many of us will beheaded for Christ, while still others of us flee into the wilderness where God will protect us until Jesus' return.

At any rate, it's time for us to get clean of all this Satanism being thrown at us each an every day through the media.  It's time for us to separate ourselves and come out from among them, and be holy as God is holy.  Don't hold onto the world.  Don't let its sensuality tempt and allure you.  Time to get and stay clean.