Friday, April 8, 2016

How Your Narcissist/Jezebel Became One

Here's our third video on Narcissism/Jezebelism.  In the first we discussed that Narcissist/Jezebels are DEMON POSSESSED, but this podcast addresses how their possession could have occurred. Several options for what began their journey down such a dark road are presented, and those clues may help victims better understand what they're dealing with as well as open the door to helping narc/jez's receive deliverance.  So jump on the WSBM podcast express, and see what Biblical clues lie inside to help both victims and narc/jez's.


  1. It's really really hard to walk in love with these people. I'm Married to one.. It's been Hell. I know he was verbally abused. and is abusing me and my boys. So full of hate, that I can't put up with. List goes on. I pray for his Deliverance. But can't find a church, or person that would help him . Deliverance Ministries are so scarse . Love your blogs and Utube Videos. Just Found you. Thanks for the love of Christ with these Possessed People. Allison in Seattle

  2. Hi Allison, thanks for posting. Is he open to prayer/deliverance? I mean, if you had someone who was willing to pray for him would he agree to it?

  3. Simply, Thank you so much for all your prayer & you tube audio/video.i have been listening to all the narc you tubes, life coach etc. I must say that though I just found you now, it's truly a glass of living water. The Jesus piece is missing from so many videos,
    And I really believe you can not heal in totality from this narc abuse without Jesus the healer, Christian love & prayer ( for you & the narc) I also do believe that deliverance is the only way to even begin to possibly breakthrough the demonic hold & bondage & captivity that the narc & his/her supply find themselves in. The soul tying breaking prayer you included in a video is so key. I'm so grateful that on more than one occasion I have been led to pray that prayer with narcs
    When I felt a heaviness and started to catch on that this was destructive ( relationship w narc)
    Knowing true pure love of God, and receiving it, knowing we are children of God and therefore made in His likeness & image--we are love itself. If we really understand this it makes it much harder to stay/sustain the narc. The isolation becomes second nature & why it is all the more important for unity in the Christian community. We are all so much stronger wherever two or more are gathered in His name. As we become more disconnected and less christians are practicing, lifting one another in prayer, friendship & love, while also taking God & christian values out of homes, nations etc it's making us more vulnerable & the narcs thrive in this darkness. I am just so grateful for your prayer covering brother, we all need to cover each other more, and yes I need to get more into the living word of Jesus and let Him handle the narc. Jesus always exposes what is in the dark with prayer, repentance and forgiveness. I'll be processing your videos that I watched so far to help me find my greater purpose & plan & new assignment!

    I believe so much in the power of prayer for intercession & protection, it's so powerful when we pray together/with each other, I really progress in healing from the specific prayers you start & complete with. May God Bless You!