Friday, April 1, 2016

Narcissists/Jezebels: Take Revenge or is that Satan's Trick?

This is the podcast to support the blog: "Satan Uses Narcissist/Jezebels to Try to Get You To Seek Revenge."  May both blog and this video podcast bless and help you to heal.

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  1. Hello I have been watching your video podcasts on youtube and have been incredibly blessed with this warfare information. I have a daughter that has the spirit of jezebel/narc. She is my only daughter & is 38 years old with her first 18mo child that she uses as a tool to punish. Her husband is the classic Ahab spirit that enables her and tolerates watching the disrespect. I also witness him being also abused in my presence, which is hard to watch. I would love to speak with you or have you comment on how to protect my peace as well as how to handle the ongoing abuse. We now live in different states so it has been bearable, but I learned from your teaching that I have been her steady supply. Please let me know how I can learn more about dealing with a child that has this demon. Thanks!